It’s been more than a year since I last blogged.  When I started the blogging project I was blogging daily.  Perhaps I need to find a happier medium.  Life updates are in order: we’re coming up on our 21st anniversary, my second born is 18, graduated, and has moved out.  I’m now in my third fiscal year at my new job.  I hit my number and had a very good year.

I got a positive COVID test in late August/early September and was happy to get some antibodies.  The vaccinations are now clearly not the panacea that people hoped, and in that context it really is just a matter of time before everyone who can get it will be exposed and get it at whatever level.   The good news is that for the vast majority that’s no big deal.

I continue to keep up on Freelance work.  I’ve moved to the LUMIX S5 for photo and video work.  Very happy with the results from that camera system, including some Zeiss/Contax adapted lenses.   I’ve also added an iPad to my travel editing solutions. It’s a fun device to use for photo and video editing.  LumaFusion is very nice, although no replacement for Davinici Resolve which mostly continues to impress.

I will try to blog again sooner and about some of the more conceptual, theological, and biblical  things that I’m learning and working through.  Life is good and I’m alive and kicking.