The Basics

My name is Peter Roise, and I’m a father of six beautiful children. I’m the husband of my best-friend and biggest fan. And I’m a commercial, editorial, and portrait photographer, videographer, web developer, and marketing consultant. The road to media production and marketing hasn’t been straight for me (it included a liberal arts degree, theological and ministerial studies, and ten years of part-time teaching), but I am happily engaged in digital media production and marketing with a variety of clients in the beautiful Palouse Region around my home in Moscow, Idaho.


I Make Stuff

I make photos. I’ve been a professional photographer since 2007 and was a hobbyist photographer for a number of years before that. Eventually in that process I started making videos, and haven’t stopped.

I make videos. In 2012 I bought a local video production company, and made my formal entry into video production.

I make websites. I built my first web site in 1998 using Netscape Composer.  Since I had some practical experience building sites for myself, and had friends to hire if I got stuck I eventually started offering Web Dev services as well.

Today I do most of my freelance work through Brightrock and Appearances, but you are welcome to give me a call or email.  My contact information is the bottom of each page here.

I Communicate

I believe in the power of effective strategic communication. How we talk about who we are and what we care about matters.  I have a passion to understand the world, and to me that means being able to explain it in my own words–to describe and define what I come to understand through listening and exploration.  And I don’t really understand things unless I connect them to a big picture, so I’m going to be doing that as well.

If we get to chat, and I hope we do, I look forward to exploring your big ideas, and I hope and believe that doing that will make us both better, and give us better understanding.  And that changes things.

If you’re interested in my big (and little) ideas wander over the the Blog, that’s where I put some of my thoughts and stories out there for your entertainment and edification.

So, if you need some photos, videos, a web site, or have some great ideas, give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to hear your story.

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