It’s been a good winter so far.  We kicked off the holiday season with my oldest daughter getting engaged right before Thanksgiving, and rounded out the season after the New Year with a trip to Cancun with my brother and sister-in-law we are calling “Roise Club” in honor of the company trip we hope to take together some day.  The trip was a fantastic success with warm sunshine, lots of great conversation, good snorkeling (sea turtle included), and even a first scuba dive in a cenote.  I like traveling a lot.

Time marches on with kids continuing to grow and move to next stages.  Got two in college and one working on finding his fortune in the big world.  Three still at home, but getting older and bigger all the time. I am downsizing and shifting my freelance work into a more selective approach.  I may make a foray into the field of Fine Art at some point.  Still feeling my way towards what that might look like.

I continue to struggle with my parents divorce which is surprisingly difficult considering how old I am and how well established my life is beyond my family of origin.  The main struggle is that my parents are refusing to talk in any detail about their reasons which has created a huge question mark over many of my formative experiences and beliefs.  I will figure it out, but it’s not easy, and I’m pretty irritated with the way in which I’m being asked to move on as though nothing has happened.  Yep, about as angry as I’ve ever been about anything in my life, to be honest.  Also, while I am blaming my “parents” in order to diffuse the blame, I am being asked to treat them as completely separate individuals now. So consider this paragraph an exercise in altruism and recalcitrant rebellion, both together.

Meanwhile, I want to write a bit more and the blog is the easiest place to do that so stay tuned for a bit more content here if there’s anyone reading this.