Been a while since I checked in here. Idaho is just about done with Phase One of emerging from lockdown due to the pandemic/ scare. I personally think we’ve over reacted.  Sometimes I quip that we made the mistake of naming and paying attention to the predominant flu virus this year.  I usually follow that comment up quickly with reference to my own personal experiences in Moscow, Idaho where the county only had 6 cases and none were hospitalized and contrasting that with New York.  I don’t pretend to know what is going on in New York or why the virus has seemed to hit so hard there and in Italy and a few other places.

Bottom line on this whole thing is that I’m quite interested in the story that time will tell.  What will history say about this very historic event was it an under-reaction to one of the most serious sicknesses mankind has seen for decades, or was it a story about mass hysteria and the madness of crowds?  And, either way, I’m grateful and proud of how most people are handling the situation. All things considered, I think people are doing pretty well.  I hope we can keep it up and see the rest of this situation through back to a healthy normal.

In other news, in the midst of the really serious beginning of the lockdown I got a new job.  I started April 6th as a Customer Account Manager for Epicor Software.  I work in the LBM (Lumber and Building Materials) group and specifically represent the WMS (Warehouse Management System) software that Epicor acquired in late middle of 2019.  I have made several minor sales and I’m learning the ropes and meeting the customers.  I like the work and the opportunity to use my extroverted personality to help a company and make a living.

It has also been interesting talking to people all across the country and hear the different perspectives about the situation we’re in.  I think most of the people I talk to think we’re over-reacting, but not all of them.  Some are concerned for family, some are concerned that we’re going to get hit with more waves of infection. I think we all hope their wrong, and that we want it to be over sooner than later.  So let’s all pray for that. Meanwhile, I have also heard many stories of silver linings to the whole situation.  There have been a few tragedies as well, but it certainly not all bad. Maybe the picture will be clearer by the next time I write a post.