It’s been a while since I posted.  Since last time, I’ve been to Italy with Claire (my beloved wife) and we’ve celebrated our 19th year of marriage.  Our 18 year old daughter has moved out, our 4th and 5th kids are both in school for the first time, and we’re only homeschooling our youngest. It’s been a busy time.  I finished my year of part time employment with the UI and realized I want to work a job, not just be a freelancer (don’t get me wrong, freelancing has been great and I’m not promising to totally give it up).

I’m excited about the next ten years and what they will bring.  Hey, with any luck, I’ll be a grandpa before the decade is out. This is just a quick post to hopefully restart the habit of posting more regularly.  It’s been a good six months.  I’m looking forward to blogging more again.  Feel free to review my Instagram for photo updates on my life, if your interested, as well.