Lately I’ve been busy.  One of my regular annual gigs came up with a short turn around time, and I had to take care of that and then the UI (University of Idaho) was able to give me some regular hours again.  So I’ve been busy over the last few weeks.

I was a freelancer with UI until this last winter when one of the staff photogs at UI had a medical situation that required them to look for some assistance to pick up some work.  They gave me some guaranteed hours and I came on as a part-time temporary employee.  Well, the medical condition persisted, as they are sometimes prone to do, and I am back with regular hours this summer.

I really like the work.  It’s fun to work on a creative team.  I do a lot of my work all on my own, or only with clients and designers using my output.  To work on a creative team from the scheduling through the delivery is a treat.  And since I’m helping out I get a lot of laud and appreciation, which never hurts too much.

I also appreciate the extra hours, and the fact that I am not solely responsible for the final product.  It’s a good gig and I’m grateful for it. So I’m I’m a little less attentive in my blogging, for now, chalk it up to that.  I’m making photos and occasionally video content for the UI (and my other clients).