Hot muggy weather, thunder and hail, and all the leaves– even though it’s not officially summer, I think we’re pretty much there.  I’m wearing shorts, and I took a short snooze earlier on our new deck stairs landing in my zero gravity chair.

As I get older I like summer more.  Especially in the northern climates, the summers are relatively moderate, and the provide a welcome relief from the dangerous cold, snow, flooding, and ice of the other seasons.  On the Palouse, the summer is also a time where the crops are growing and maturing.  I know that in a month or so I will be able to drive the gravel roads and smell the wheat.  The smell of thousands of acres of wheat ripening in the heat and wind.

Today was a good Sunday.  We worshiped, rested, connected with each other.  There are a lot of stresses and troubles in our lives and all around us, but I think most days I feel confident that we’re making progress. And that’s pretty much life with meaning.  That, and I count on Claire, when we’re together (and we almost always are) it feels like it’s all ok, and even like we’re able to help make it better.

The leaves on the trees are full, and the windows are open, the AC is ready for action.  Bring on the summer.  I am looking forward to the kids, the heat, and the yard and house taming projects!