Now that you have been introduced to the fundamentals of photography you can begin the iterative process of learning and growing.  That means taking photographs, reviewing, editing and publishing, in one form or another.

The process of achieving competence at anything is outlined in Aristotle as following the pattern of “Theory, Imitation, and Practice.”  What this means, essentially, is that you need to review the material we’ve covered in the last couple of weeks to learn the “Theory” of making good photographs.  Then you need to look at good images, and follow competent photographers and do what they do– imitate greatness, that’s one of the best ways to become good yourself.  Finally, you need to get out and practice, practice, practice!  That means finding your own muse and making your own photographs until they are good, until they are competent.

So for this week your homework is to review the theory you’ve learned over the last few weeks.  What is framing?  What is exposure?  What is that most important moment?  How are they supposed to come together in a masterpiece?  Make sure you understand and remember the theory of making competent photographs. That is the important first step to mastering the craft of photography.