Today was a good day.  We went to church.  The big kids were both volunteering (yeah, they are pretty amazing!), but all I had to do was text them from bed that they should make sure to go with each other, and the case was solved.  The rest of us showed up just before service.  We had lunch (bologna sandwiches) on the deck and then naps.  Naps were interesting.  For some reason everyone (including neighbors) were having fun being loud on this particular Sunday afternoon.  I did manage to feel like I got a decent nap, though.

After naps Eva and I played a game and then she asked that I pull out the little drum set for her from the under garage.  I did that and she added her drumming enthusiasm to Lewis’s “shredding” on the electric guitar.  Such a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Later we went to the park and then to a block party fund raiser for the youth group at our church.  That turned into dinner and then back home for bed and then a Hornblower episode with Inge and Lewis.

It was a good day with actually quite a number of delightful moments in it.  An answer to prayer really, I asked God for a day of rest today, and it really was. I am really thankful for so many blessings right now.  Psalm 16 is true for me right now.