Today was busy day.  We are starting a deck project and I was originally planning to work on that starting at 10.  However, a freelance job came in last minute yesterday and so I spent 3 hours shooting video and some photos for a client at an event this morning.  Then the deck project started.

The freelance job involved a good amount of gimbal work (the gimbal and camera rig all together weighs more than 10 lbs) so I was getting my workout, for sure.  I arrived home from that job with barely enough time to even “hit the head” before a friend who was helping with the deck project arrived and it was back to work.  That wouldn’t have been a great hardship, other than the fact that the wind was blowing turning the moderate spring weather into a chilly and uncomfortable ordeal.  In the end we got the plans made and a shopping list.

Meanwhile while that project was getting underway, I brought the footage and photos in from today’s shoot and yesterday afternoon’s shoot as well.  I’m in a busy spell right now, doing work for a couple of my big regular clients.  Throughout the afternoon I reviewed that footage and brought some frames in for a quick turn around in case the client wanted some assets for social.

I also took a little break to setup a Google Home Mini speaker I got as gift for being a Google Drive customer.  I think the WiFi signal was a little sketchy, and the original USB power was on the fritz. It took a couple of tries but in the end it seems to work. My first experience with a smart speaker. It could be great.

Then Claire and I took off to the hardware store to buy supplies for the deck project.  It’s a surprisingly taxing workout to load 60 lb bags of Sakrete in and out of your truck.  We got all the supplies, and then I unloaded them and got them under cover. Then it was time to dig holes for our footings.  I got those about 80% finished with a little help from my younger son and his friend and from Claire.

Then back to the imaging work, finishing delivering those frame grabs for social.

After dinner I tried to do a little image sorting but was literally falling asleep at the keyboard so I decided to go take an after dinner nap.  I am feeling quite a bit more exhausted than usual tonight.  I think an early bedtime is going to be essential tonight, so I think that this will have to suffice for a blog post today.  It was a pretty big day.