I think my first sleepless night as an adult was spend wrestling with whether or not I should buy a laptop computer.  It was a CTX 486dx4 laptop with a 10.5 inch screen. I bought it.  It ran Windows 95, and I was using it when I first noticed my wife (and I think it is one of the main reasons she noticed me).  I was the guy with the laptop and the poofy hair.

Fast forward a couple of years, now I’ve purchased a custom desktop computer from “Video Game Headquarters” so that I can become an online tutor for homeschool kids from across the country.  One of those homeschool kids who happened to be my only student in a particular class is now my wife.  My roommates eventually referred to my techno-connection as checking my “femail.”  They weren’t so wrong.

The day my oldest child was born is also the day I got my Dell laptop with a 15 inch monitor.  I held Inge, and I let Microsoft Word turn her cries into text.  If I remember correctly it was poetic. Maybe I still have it somewhere.

The day my youngest child was born, I got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  It helped me get better photos and videos of her.  Somehow, technology is folded into the fabric of my family life.

And of course, I haven’t chronicled here the many in-between computers, phones, and cameras.  I haven’t told the stories of Ubuntu installations, including the computer my wife used for a couple of years with Ubuntu as the main OS.  Today, if a device is languishing they bring it to me, and I nurture it back to health and stability.  Technology is one of my great loves, and it’s interwoven with the other loves of my life.  Me and the electro-devices, we’re on the same wavelength.