In 2017 my wife and I and a friend organized a conference to raise awareness about abuse in relationships in our church.  I think the conference was a great success, and after the conference was over we decided we needed to start a non-profit organization to continue our work raising awareness. By the end of 2017 we had our non-profit organization process under way.  In 2018 we sponsored our first Awareness In Ministry (AIM) training and invited local ministry leaders.  That also went well, and we continued to move forward with change groups for people trapped in destructive relationships.

In January 2019 Claire and I had a meeting with a local pastor who was looking for input and resources for a sermon series he was planning.  In the course of that meeting we realized he was interested in potentially hosting our next community awareness conference.  So this past month we had our second Community Awareness conference.  I have the video content in my HDD, now I just need to get the editing done and start putting out the videos. We already have some ideas about where we might be looking to have the next conference.

Essentially our mission is to raise awareness about abuse in relationships because we believe that this is the most effective way to to both rescue those who are stuck, and to protect our communities and families from abusive attitudes and people.  If you’re interested in the work we’re doing with Awaken please feel free to check out the website (the new conference videos will be posted there in the next month or so as well).